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a Tight Loop Magazine was hatched by two friends in 2010 on the way back from a steelheading trip to the Milwaukee River. The initial plan was to create a video about the history of the Steelhead in the Great Lakes. This is an incredibly interesting story, one that most anglers in the region don’t know. We’ll save that story for another time. The more we spoke about fishing in the Midwest, the more we both realized that we missed the defunct publication ‘Fly Fishing The Midwest’. To us, none of the major fly fishing magazines took the region seriously.

From this conversation, a Tight Loop was born. The initial idea was to combine photos, videos and words into a journal styled online magazine. The focus of the magazine would be the Midwest, but like everything we reserved the right to publish stories from anywhere we wanted.

The First editions was launched in June of 2011.

We started work on our Great Lakes Stealhead film in the Fall of 2011, with a trip up to the Pere Marquette River in Michigan.

It was about this time, that things started to change. The current editor Kurt Kopala, moved from handling the technical side of the magazine to handling all facets of the publication. The publication shed its journal style layout for a more modern layout, reducing the word count and increasing the number of images per edition. The a Tight Loop staff today lives by the principle that Fly Fishing is Fun, and tries to show that in everything we do at the magazine.

Today a Tight Loop is the resource for fly fishermen looking to travel to and fish the Midwest. It’s our opinion that the #MidwestIsTheBest fishery in the world, offering anglers limitless potential in fish targets. We have every major game fish in the US located in our waters. If you stretch your imagination of the Midwest a little you can even find salt water opportunities in the South. The Midwest offers some of the most pristine fishing waters in the world, incredible angling access, lakes, streams and rivers, warm water through cold water and some interesting urban fisheries to all who are willing to look.

In every edition you will find a collection of stories, photographs and videos you can read with your feet kicked up on your desk and escape your day for at least a little while. You never know, you might find a fishery around the corner you have never heard of or find the destination of your dreams.

You will also find at least two fly tieing videos in each edition. From Dry to Streamer we tie it all, we have guest tiers and even film classic patterns.

a Tight Loop is a magazine created by people who love to fish the Midwest for those who love to fish.

a Tight Loop is free to subscribe and read, you don’t need to subscribe to read it. Head over to aTightLoop.com and check out the current edition


Thank You
Kurt Kopala